Science Fiction, Double Feature

Mei no Naisho Chapter 14

Mei no Naisho Chapter 15

Doctor X will build a creature… Wait, that’s not what I meant by double feature…  Things got a little crossed up on the editing side, so we ended up with two Mei chapters hitting the final stages at the same time, so tonight we’re bringing you both chapter 14 and chapter 15.  We’re getting awfully close to the end of the series, so look forward to seeing the conclusion, and to the volume one re-scanlation to follow.



Little Boys are Dirty and Loud

Usagi Drop vol 10 ch 2

Here’s Usagi Drop volume 10, chapter 2.  It’s another story from when Rin was young; don’t expect the entire volume to be set this early though.  We have two Mei chapters in editing at the same time right now, it’s likely we’ll get a double release since things got a little out of whack on the editing side this time around.


We’re Doing the Bunny Hop~

Near Equal Chapter 5

Usagi Drop vol 10 ch 1

Welp, there’s a bunch of news to share.  First, here’s the first chapter from the recently released Usagi Drop extra volume, again as a sort of joint project with WCW_TL doing the translating for us.  Along with that, we’ve got Balance Policy chapter 5.  Balance Policy always throws me off, because it actually kind of has an ongoing plot and dodges the established comedic timing that most 4-koma conform to.  Anyway, we will NOT be picking NEEDLESS up, another group apparently wanted it as well, so we’ll let them do it for you.  In addition, in case you didn’t see, someone picked up Sora no Manimani as well, so we’ve be shelving that as well (although they are working with Japanzai, so we’ll pick it up anyway if page obscuring watermarks and shit start appearing).  What this means is that we’ll still concentrate on wrapping up Mei for the moment, and then pick up OtoBoku and Megu Miruku when we’re done, since that’s when we were going to pick up SnM.  After that, we’ll be looking at options with how to handle Brocken Blood and probably something else, I’m not really sure what atm.  As always, share any feedback or suggestions with us in the comments.


Added extras

Short story even shorter– somehow the Mei no Naisho Volume 3 extras got lost in between the QC and the release. I take full responsibility and have redone the entire thing, if you want the extras; I re-uploaded the entire volume with the extras included in the original post; but for convenience’s sake here’s the link. –and the extras by themselves here.


Lucky Number 13, Coming out on 420

Mei no Naisho – Chapter 13

Huuurrrrrrrr it’s smoke weed day.  Disregarding that, here’s Mei no Naisho chapter 13~  This leaves us with five chapters to go, as the chapters in the last volume (other than this behemoth) are all shorter than what we’re used to.  We will be redoing the first volume, we’re going to get our raw provider NJManga to get some better raws for it than the public ones that are floating around though, so in between finishing volume four and redoing the the first we may do some OtoNyan one-shots as filler.  In addition, since it seems like there’s a bit of confusion since I haven’t made an official official announcement, we will indeed take over NEEDLESS now that Pewpew is shutting down again.


The Second Fourteenth, as if that makes sense!

Mei no Naisho – Volume 3

Anal Angel – Volume 1

Well, as we told you last month, we’re going to be making sure we have something special going on each month on the 14th (since we’re 14biq-scans).  This month we have the last chapter and the volume repack of Anal Angel.  This wraps up the series, as I said on my personal blog, I’m not sure how I feel about it.  It’s a fun series to work on (for me, at least), but it’s also always nice to finish things and be able to move on to other projects.  We’ve also got Mei chapter 12 and the volume 3 repack for that series.  In addition to the releases, we’ve got some announcements…  Now that Anal Angel is done, we’re going to direct most of our attention toward finishing off Mei no Naisho within the next few weeks, since there’s just one more volume left.  We will most likely be redoing the first volume though, as the Iko-subs releases aren’t quite up to snuff imo.  Once we’re done with Mei, we have a few things lined up to take the place of our finished projects.

We’ll be picking Otoboku back up, since I personally spent quite a bit of money on the out of print raws, and there isn’t much left to finish that series back off anyway.

We’ll also be picking Sora no Manimani back up, that’ll be a long term project as there’s quite a bit left to it, but it’s really good and deserves to see release.

Once Otoboku wraps up, we’ll most likely be doing another work from the Mei mangaka, a three volume series called Megu Miruku.

In addition to all of that, I’ve still got Brocken Blood in the back of my mind, so if you like that series leave some comments, as active interest in it will likely make me lean more towards picking it up.

Just a reminder, too, we have an IRC channel, #14biq @Rizon, with an IRC bot that has all the old Wow!scans releases as well as all of the 14biq stuff.


Um, I’ll also build us a new interface that should make it more convenient to download our stuff sometime in the future. I hope you guys will look forward to it.


Anal Angel – Chapter 8

Anal Angel – Chapter 8

Just here to publish this.



Here’s a mirror:

Let us know which of the filehosts we’re trying out work best.  Obviously Mediafire is preferable for the series that aren’t constantly being taken down, but for the hentai stuff, we need alternative hosting.  Also, Mei chapter 12 will be the next release, it’s in editing right now.


Mei no Naisho – Chapter 11

Mei no Naisho – Chapter 11

Sorry, I’m really boring and can’t think of much to say as a release note. Yamada’s much more creative than me when it comes to that. I hope you enjoy this anyways.


Anal Angel – Chapter 7

Anal Angel – Chapter 7

Hi everyone.


Gaining Momentum

Anal Angel – Chapter 6.5

Mirror Download

So here’s chapter 6.5 of Little Boy Peni-  errr…. Anal Angel.  Chapter 7 is in editing, and the chapter 8 script is waiting as well, so we should finish the volume pretty soon.  New Mei is in typesetting as well, Near Equal 25% in TL process.  I think I’ve figured out what I’m personally picking up once I finish Anal Angel and Mei, but I’m considering just banging the last volume of Mei out once I’m done with Anal Angel and picking up both series at that point, rather than directly replacing Anal Angel the moment it’s complete.  Stay posted for details on that, I’m still thinking about what sounds easiest.